NuSmile Summit 2019

nusmile summit

NuSmile Summit 2019

The second annual NuSmile Summit will be an event to remember! This year will offer up to 16CE, interactive beach and pool activities scheduled for attendees and their guests and some of pediatric dentistry’s most dynamic leaders speaking on a wide array of topics. Come DISCOVER the Difference in beautiful Clearwater Beach, rated the #1 Beach in the United States 3 years running! Create your own agenda and make the most of Sun & CE with NuSmile!

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Gary Zelesky – Developing Passionate Leadership, Leading Passionate Lives



Dr. LaRee Johnson – Esthetic Primary Crowns and Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) A Perfect Match

Dr. Shailesh Kottal – Radiographic Findings in Pediatric Diseases

Dr. Bill Waggoner – Managing Those “Hair Pulling Out”, “Drive You to Drink”, “Make You Want to Scream”, Situations in Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Lee – New Approaches to Pediatric Pulp Therapy

Dr. Roger G. Sanger – Pedonomics and Pedometrics

Dr. Roger G. Sanger – Managed Care Insurance and Pediatric Dentistry – Opportunities or Problems?

Dr. David Evans, Dr. David Salar, Dr. Eric Ellis – Advanced Zirconia Treatment Cases




Dr. Rhea Haugseth – Infection Control – Do You Know the Nitty Gritty?

Dr. Rhea Haugseth – Parents – Are Yours Backseat Drivers?

Dr. Rhea Haugseth – Know it, Show it and Sell it – Getting parents to say Yes

Scott Childress – Telling your Story on Facebook and Instagram

Dr. Stacey Zaikoski – Big Bad Fluoride – Why the Controversy?

Dr. Stacey Zaikoski – Behavior Guidance for the Pediatric Dental Team




Dr. David Salar / Dr. David Evans / Dr. Eric Ellis – Zirconia Reinvented Workshop