Member Training Modules

Pediatric Dental Assistants Association Dentist examining girls teeth in the dentists chair with assista

Take a moment to review all of the incredible training modules available to Pediatric Dental Assistants Association members.

The modules and content are updated frequently, and with immediate, 24/7/365 access online for you and your team, you can rest assured knowing your membership in the PDAA is helping to further the education of yourself, or your pediatric dental assistants. And with added Q&A assessment for online training modules, you can track the progress of your PDA’s to ensure their training sticks!

Learn about all the other benefits afforded by membership with the PDAA.

1. Hygiene

Disclose and Toothbrush Prophy on 3 year old Child
Fluoride Varnish Application on Tooth Model
Fluoride Varnish Placement on Child Patient
Fluoride Varnish Placement on Older Patient
Fluoride Application on Patient using Trays
Hygiene Visit on 5 Year Old Child
Oral Hygiene Instructions on Tooth Model
Sealant Placement on Manekin #29, 30, 31 after Prophy Brush Cleaning
Sealant Placement on Patient – Tooth #30

2. Radiology

Anterior Periapical X-ray with Rinn – Manikin
Bitewing Xray on Patient With X-ray Set up
Bitewing X-Ray on Patient Lining up Sensor
Bitewing Radiograph on Child Manikin with Face
Bitewing Radiograph on Child Manikin – No Face
Bitewing Radiograph Unsuccessful Attempt on Child
Bitewing Radiographs on 7 year old Child
Bitewing Radiograph with BW Tab – Manikin – No Face
Maxillary Posterior PA with Snap-A- Ray – Manikin – No Face
Maxillary Anterior PA – Manikin no face
Panoramic Radiograph
Panoramic Radiograph on Child
Panoramic Radiograph on Wiggly, Giggly Child
Periapical X-Ray using Bisecting Technique
Periapical X-ray Set-up with Rinn- Manikin – No Face
Periapical Radiographs on Child Manikin -No Face with Snap-R- ray

3. Impressions/models

Impression Taking Using Alginate
Mixing Alginate Impression Material
Pour Up Impressions with Stone
Stone Model Trimming
Yellow Wax bite

4. Assisting

Behavior Management 4 year old Restorative Procedure
Bilateral Split Dam Technique Using Inch Square Template
Crimp a Trimmed SSC
Demonstration of Suctioning on Manikin
Direct/Indirect Pulp Cap with Dycal
Fit a SSC – Manekin
Fit SSC – Typodont
Four Handed Dentistry Demonstration
Pulpotomy with IRM
Remove Rubber Dam Restorative and Sealants on 3 year Old Child
Restorative Procedure on 5 year old – No Local Anesthetic
Rubber Dam Initial Set-up on Model using Stamp
Rubber Dam Placement on Manekin with Stamp Split Dam Technique
Trim SSC
Unilateral Split Dam Technique Using Inch Square Template

5. Protective Stabilization

Protective Stabilization Patient Placement

6. Sterilization

Set Up Operatory for Restorative Procedure
Sterilization Ultrasonic Machine and Statim Sterilizer
Sterilization – Break Down Operatory

7. Photography

Intraoral Views
Orthodontic Records
Retractors and Mirrors

8. Communication

Are you an Effective Leader?
Basic Communications 101
Be a Great Communicator
Business Breakthroughs for Lasting Success – Janice Hurley audio podcast
Charismatic People
Confidence is a Gift You can give Yourself
Counterproductive Communication
Dental Terms – Convert to Child-Friendly Terms
Develop Scripting for Your Office
Executive Coaching Tips for a Powerful Meeting Presence
First Impressions
Powerful Perceptions
Successful Handshake
Treatment Plan Presentations
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication – Body Language

9. Behavior Guidance

Behavior Guidance Basic Principles
Behavior Guidance Age 0 – 3
Behavior Guidance Age 3 – 6
Behavior Guidance Age 6 – 12
Behavior Guidance Age 12 – 18
Behavior Guidance Special Health Care Needs

10. Marketing

External Marketing
Internal marketing