Our 3rd Annual PDAA Conference is October 6th-7th!

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The Pediatric Dental Assistants Association exists to give voice and acknowledge the specialized skills and expertise of our members. The PDAA engages this mission by furthering the education of members, providing more engagement within their practices, and enriching the lives of all who(m) we touch through personal and professional growth opportunities.


Our vision is simply to realize the full potential of every member – in partnership with other professionals in our field – to care for all the children we serve.

We embrace this vision by anticipating the needs of our members and providing the tools that allow them to continue to grow in their careers, communities, and lives. As we move towards these goals, we recognize the professional status of our members in a very specialized career helping our most valuable gift – children.

Our Goals

The PDAA is keeping members at the forefront of education in the dental field. These videos focus on learning and reviewing clinical procedures, as well as highlighting the work the PDAA is doing. Watch these video training modules listed below and stay tuned for more!

No matter where you are in your career as a Dental Assistant, improving your "soft skills" can help you become a better worker, better team member, and a better person. Embracing a work lifestyle that involves communication and feedback, as well as collaboration, and working together to improve things can only lead to positive results. Our monthly online training in these skills are invaluable.

Our quarterly newsletter is filled with helpful information ranging from the latest technology and advances to personal testimonies and stories from other PDAs. The newsletter is an excellent resource to keep your PDAs connected and excited to be part of bigger community of high-performing PDAs.

With round-the-clock access, the PDAA allows learning during downtime at the office, at the house, or even from a tablet.

Our unique learning modules can even be utilized to help train in staff meetings, workshops, retreats or one-on-one.

Dr. Rhea Haugseth, a pediatric dental assistant expert, provides the PDAA with unique insight and education from her years of experience in the industry.

Why Should I Join?

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What is the PDAA?

The Pediatric Dental Assistants Association is the only professional organization representing the interests of Pediatric Dental Assistants. The PDAA advances the profession by promoting high … MORE...

What are the benefits?

Your membership in the PDAA makes a powerful statement about you. It shows employers, colleagues and patients your commitment to your career. Membership identifies you as a Pediatric Dental Assistant … MORE...

Break Down Operatory HD

Mixing Alginate HD

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Have you heard about PDAA's annual conference, yet? If not, experience the 1st Annual PDAA Conference Gallery, here!

Member Testimonials

Take a moment to learn what our members have to say about the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association, straight from them!

Dr. Halley White had the following to say:

"We have already used the PDAA training videos with new hires (one of whom has no dental experience), and they were very helpful.

I also sent my clinical managers to the PDAA meeting in October and they came back energized, motivated, and brimming with new ideas for the practice!

The PDAA is a distinct and unique opportunity to have young team members see themselves as professionals and also help more established members to recharge and re-motivate.

It is a great tool in our Management/HR tool belt!"